Yesterday, we celebrated our first birthday. A year ago, the staff here were in various places. Some we’d know from our days writing and working for another book-focused site. Others, we forced in kicking and screaming. (It wasn’t hard, trust me). Just before launch, my husband asked me why I wanted to start a website that focuses on sharing a love of the written word. I told him, “because I want to meet other people obsessed with books.”  That hope has certainly been realized and it’s due to every one of the writers, agents, publicists and fellow word nerds that the success of this site has been possible. More to the point, we are all driven by our love of literature. We are all driven by the shared desire to escape into imagined worlds and to venture into the depths of those worlds blissfully blind to the dangers ahead.

This week we’d like to discuss where that innate ‘obsession’ with books derives from. We say and mean it every week, LitStackers, but this time, sincerely, we really want to hear from you. Use the comments of this post to share where you believe your obsession with books was born.

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