Literature, if written well, can be a force of great power. A good book may not heal the sick or bring an end to poverty, but it can transform. It can transcend. Among the black and white pages lie worlds, people, conflict that stays with us, that resonates in minds for days, years, afterward. This week’s staff pick is all about those characters that, like the stories they live in, have stuck with us. Those men and women, creatures and characters that we cannot help but absolutely adore.

Who are your favorites, LitStackers? Are they on our list? Should they be? We want to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “LitStaff Pick: "The Fictional Character(s) We Love the Most"”

  1. What an eclectic group of fictional characters! I can see that my literary knowledge is very lacking. I need to check out my local library!

  2. I completely agree with Shadow Moon.

    I'd love to throw in Shakespeare's Iago. He is a dangerous and manipulative character. He is evil, but smoothly evil. Iago captures the darkest of our desires and acts upon them. His actions cause the downfall of many innocents and he has no remorse, prompting his wife to kill him.

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