LitStaff Pick: The Books We Didn’t Want to End

I once had a dream about a living library. Outside of the brick eyre_affair1and mortar walls, beyond the rows and rows of fabulous tomes, the world was dying. People were shepherded from their crumpling lives and forced into a hasty decision: what fictional world will you spend the rest of your lives?

You see, the library itself was a portal, a wholly real escape from a world of violence, crime, injustice and fear.

The choice could not be frivolous and it could not be made without serious contemplation because once you’d chosen your escape, you could not change your mind.

So, in the dream I went to Hogwarts. I don’t remember what happened after that, but I do know that my first, my only choice, had been the imagery world Rowling created.

Some books are so well written, so visceral and alive that in the reading we mourn the end. We dread every flip of the page because it means our first introduction to the story will soon end. Sure, we can always go back, we can always reread, but it isn’t quite the same. Once you’ve sorted out who the real villain is, what secrets are hidden, there are no new guesses, no expectations that are either realized and forgotten.

This week’s pick is all about those stories we didn’t want to end and why we wanted to remain between those pages.

What about you, LitStackers? Which stories left you wanting more? We want to hear from you!