LitStaff Pick: The Books That Turn Us Into a Sobbing Mess

What is the point of great literature if we can’t find some cry crysemblance of ourselves or at least some sense of relatability in the works we read? Great books speak to us all, deliver to us a sense of familiarity and echo what we understand about the human condition.

And sometimes, when we least expect it, writers covertly sneak in with a one/two punch to our hearts and leave us bawling like an infant looking for his mummy.

This week our picks concern those books that make no apologies for turning us into sniveling, weeping balls of sobbing messes.

Tell us about your picks for the books that make you cry in the comments. We want to hear from you, LitStackers!

And here…have a hankie.

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2 thoughts on “LitStaff Pick: The Books That Turn Us Into a Sobbing Mess

  1. Sharon, Under Heaven, yes, absolutely. I seriously considered that for my choice, as well as the follow up, River of Stars. Beautiful, achingly gorgeous stories, both.

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