The Best/Worst Writing Advice We’ve Ever Received

Writer’s Block

The best creative writing advice I’ve ever received is also the simplest, and applies to many other areas of life: start writing. If you have writers’ block, start writing. If you’ve written 100k words and don’t yet know where your story is going, start writing. If you are so busy with other life junk you fear you’ll never find time to finish that novel, start writing. Starting really is the hardest part, but inertia works both ways. Once you start, it gets easier and easier to keep going. The trick–the only trick in the book, really–is to simply start.

-Elisha Dew


  • TS Tate

    Tee received a Master of Arts in English in 2008 from Southeastern Louisiana University. She has studied under Edgar nominee Tim Gautreaux, Booksense Pick novelist Bev Marshall and Clarion West graduate and World Fantasy nominee, Cat Rambo. She has more than ten years of documentation and editing experience and is currently the Editor-in-Chief at   She has spent the past nine years in the corporate environment as a Technical Editor and has previously edited for Christine Rose, Phoebe North, Heather McCorkle, Laura Pauling, Anne Riley, Christine Fonseca and UF writer Carolyn Crane. With Heather McCorkle, Tee co-founded the #WritersRoad chat on Twitter.  In addition, she is working on several creative projects, including her second novel and various short stories. Her flash fiction, "Street Noises," was included in the Pill Hill Press anthology "Daily Frights 2012: 366 Days of Dark Flash Fiction (Leap Year Edition)" and her short "Til Hunt Be Done," was included in the Winter Wonders anthology from Compass Press.  A diehard New Orleans Saints fan, Tee lives with her family in Southeast Louisiana.

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