LitStaff Pick: The Best Books We Read This Year

We have a love affair with books. That’s an obvious, blanket statement, 2012true, but it bears repeating. We don’t write reviews, conduct giveaways or chat with our favorite writers because we’re bored. We don’t do this simply because we love getting free books. (Though, let’s be honest, that is a high motivator). We do all these things, offer our thoughts and opinions to you LitStackers because we are in love with the written word.

A great book is a friend for life. We return to its lands, to those familiar characters and scenes because they have become important to us. We cheer on the hero, curse the villain and eagerly anticipate the next chronicle in our favorite series because a great book impacts us, changes us. And though there have been many great books we’ve experienced throughout the years, it seems to us that 2012 was an especially great time for meeting some new “book friends.”

So, here are our picks. Not all of the novels selected were published in 2012, but they were the best books we read this year. Be sure to check out the selections you voted on and tell us about your favorite 2012 reads.  We want to hear from you!


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