20 January, 2022

LitStaff Pick: The Best Books for Graduates

The Creative Writing MFA Handbook
Tom Kealey

For the English major about to graduate—and contemplating a future in creative writing—there’s only one book to recommend, and that’s the guide written by Tom Kealey. A fiction writer and former Stegner Fellow, Kealey may have written the only guide to claim a blog as successful as its print run. Both steer prospective students through the process of researching, applying to, and selecting graduate programs in creative writing. The guide features a listing of programs, tips for applications, information on financial aid as well as advice on what to expect once accepted. The blog, by the way, is an up-to-the-minute appendix, especially during application season, when hopefuls weigh in on financial aid, teaching jobs, and as the notifications go out, acceptances, wait-lists, and the inevitable disappointments. Still, for those aiming to study creative writing at the graduate level, this is the book to own. And the only one that comes with its own built-in community.

-Lauren Alwan

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