LitStaff Pick: The Best Books for Graduates

It’s that time of year…the end of many things, most notably, educational tenures. Whether you are one, or know of one, May generally breeds the pomp and circumstances of finishing up high school, college or even graduate school. So what do you get that eager grad? What profound gift would aid in sending them on their ways out into the dark and treacherous big bad adult world? Duh, a book, of course!

This week’s staff pick concerns those perils of wisdom, those tomes of sage advice to set graduates on their way. A word of advice? Do not give them On the Road. Brilliant those it is, you give them that particular book and they’re likely to hear the call of the wild, abandon their finals and refuse to ever leave home!

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Congratulations, graduates!

“The biggest reward for a thing well done is to have done it.” – Voltaire

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