LitStaff Pick: Summer Lovin' – Best Books for Your Beachbag

The Wolf Gift
Anne Rice

I am a teacher and it’s that time of year when I start making my summer reading list. This year, however, I started my summer reading a bit early. Anne Rice’s new novel The Wolf Gift is a book I shouldn’t have started. See, Rice’s luscious writing has drawn me in and I don’t have the time to waste a day reading. I’m exhibiting strong will power, giving myself 30 minutes a night to get lost in this beautiful story set in my favorite city, San Francisco.

Reuben Golding, the recipient of the Wolf Gift, is a charming, deep thinking fellow who learns what it means to be a werewolf. I’m only at the beginning of the book and Reuben has just experienced his first transformation. Instead of it being horrific, as is common in most werewolf novels, Rueben’s transition borders on the orgasmic (really. It’s Anne Rice – what else do you expect?). This change from the traditional werewolf novel, and what is come based on Rice’s foreshadowing, has me excited and desiring to read more.

I can’t wait to literally sink my teeth into this novel. There is no doubt in my mind that after the last day of school, I will be in lounge chair, lost in Reuben’s world.

-K. Imani Tennyson

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