LitStaff Pick: Summer Lovin' – Best Books for Your Beachbag

John Cleaver series 
Dan Wells

When one thinks of summer, certain predictable things come to mind: sun, sand, water, relaxing and reading. Most readers will suggest light-hearted books to pack in your beach bag or in your vacation suitcase – most likely chick lit of some sort. That genre isn’t really my cup of tea, so for all of you out there who share my literary preferences, I have a few alternative suggestions on what to take to the beach.  I highly recommend you read the John Cleaver series by Dan Wells. Sure, it might be about a teenage sociopath who works in a funeral home and fights monsters on the side, all while trying not to kill people himself, but they are fun reads and Wells’ narrative is highly addicting. Think of these books like reading about a teenage Dexter Morgan (by Jeff Lindsay) – witty, intriguing, and a bit morbid – but totally worth it.

-Stephanie Ward

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