8 December, 2021

LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite Subversive Fiction

George Orwell

Perhaps an obvious choice, but a choice that I think, sadly, is timely given our current political environment. Orwell foresaw the onslaught of propaganda, of Big Brother governments perpetuating justice in the name of the “Greater Good” and the windfall of a government so consumed by conformity that free will is completely vacant from the social norm.

Even protagonist, Winston Smith’s occupation of re-writing history to fit into the accepted truisms can be seen as a primer to the censored media coverage and agenda of many national “news” agencies that thrive today.

What once was seen as ‘subversive’ now is simply, perhaps, a prelude of what is to come. The idea, however, is that it can be diverted, that the rebellious search for freedom, for equality that gave birth to the democratic nation we once were can be reclaimed. At least, that’s this optimist’s hope.

-TS Tate

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