8 December, 2021

LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite Subversive Fiction

Uppity Women of Ancient Times
Vicki Leon

I was loaned this book in high school by my Sociology / History teacher, Ann Robb. She was (is!) a pretty great woman herself; she even helped me get registered to vote, as my birthday wasn’t precisely lined up with election day. (I have not missed an election yet.) I’d like to attribute this to her own style of being an uppity woman of modern times.

In this collection, I loved the casual approach to each woman’s entry, and how it used different genres to express the way the specific woman made waves in a male dominated society. There are quotes, diary entries, letters, artwork, and other fun methods. Many of the women named aren’t well-known in history, and certainly their antics are worth acknowledgment.

Like many people, I was taken to a new level of politics, feminism, and historical knowledge while I was a teenager– which all led to more self-worth as well as the person who I am today. I would like to think that my teacher giving me this type of book, this type of education… and perhaps even the book itself helped along that journey.

-Kyla Lucas

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