4 December, 2021

LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite Subversive Fiction

Great fiction is meant to inspire. That may not, perhaps, be the agenda of the novelist at the outset of writing, but when one is discussing topics that seem out of the social norm or that demonstrates the act of subverting common convention, then inspiration is inevitable.

Subverting what is accepted, what is considered safe and usual impacts readers, generations, in ways unimaginable and can uniquely define the evolution of common thought. They can, in fact, alter what ‘common convention’ is.

This week, our staff pick concerns our favorite writers and novels of subversion. Some of these picks were shocking for their time, some we did not fully appreciate until age had broadened our understanding. In any event, these are the novels and novelist who challenged themselves in their works and by doing so, forced us to met that challenge.

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