LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite Speculative Fiction

The Witches of Eileanan series$(KGrHqVHJ!8E8e09)kWeBPH2DGUoIw~~60_35.JPG
Kate Forsyth (6 books)

This is a fantasy with monsters, creatures, royalty, and witches.  This realm’s folklore suggests that a fold in space-time allowed for all of these creatures, including gifted humans, to come together. Coming together, however, doesn’t mean getting along.  Practicing witchcraft and all magic has been outlawed by an evil queen; there are tidings that she will be overthrown. The kingdoms of the land and of the sea are at war, it is humans and halflings against Fairgean of the water.  Isabeau has grown up in the forest as a witch with her elderly guardian, and soon learns she has a quest–or rather, a fate–to save all magical beings. This is only the beginning, for along the way she finds support in the oddest places, and learns of her twin sister, Iseult, who is also fated to play a part in redeeming their world. Together they discover family, love, and loyalty while trying to save and unite their kingdom.

This was written with many instances of Celtic(?) dialect and certainly Celtic plot undertones. Some feel that while the Celtic touches add to the tale, the language detracts from it, but I felt it made the world all that much more absorbing. I caught myself talking with these previously foreign words and accents that I definitely didn’t have before reading. It was quite an interesting side effect of being so immersed and enamored with the world and the tale of the twins and it actually made me love it all the more. While the last book didn’t quite fulfill, the others did so well. My favorite place in all of Eileanan is still the large, magic tree house that Isabeau grew up in with Megan. If I had a place to live like that, I don’t think I’d ever be unhappy again.

With each book being between 300 to 600 pages, it is quite the read, but well worth it– frankly, I couldn’t stop once I started until I knew what happened. I read them in a weekend, so when I say nonstop, I mean it. I have reread my favorite ones. If anything, this magical world is definitely one I’d be more than happy to believe real and fold my own space-time wrinkle just to get there. At least, in dreams. I mean, I don’t know how to sword-fight or conjure… yet.

-Kyla Lucas

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  1. Elisha I went through the same thing when I first read Dune – very difficult to get into, but soooo worth it!

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