LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite Military Stories

Laura Hillenbrand

Laura Hillenbrand, author of best-seller Sea Biscuit, brings us a stellar biography of a member of America’s “Greatest Generation.” Unbroken begins in 1943. Lieutenant Louis Zamperini’s Air Force bomber crashes into the Pacific Ocean. He and two other men survive on a life raft for over forty days. They fight off sharks, capture rainwater, and catch fish and birds to eat. They finally find land, but it’s a Japanese island and the men are captured and put into a POW camp. After two years of torture, Louis returns home and struggles with depression and alcoholism. He harbors bitterness and longs to return to Japan to find and kill the guard who abused him. When he does visit Japan, he is told the war criminal has died. Later, Louis finds faith in God at a Billy Graham Crusade. When he returns to Japan a second time, he has a completely different attitude. This time, he wants to forgive his enemies. Unbroken is an amazing story of survival, redemption, and forgiveness.

-Angie Dilmore

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