LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite Military Stories

True Devotion
Dee Hendersontrue devotion

Kelly Jacobs’ husband Nick died while on a mission with his Navy Seal team. Though unable to reveal the details of that mission, Lt. Joe Baker, Nick’s commanding officer and close friend, vows to look out for Kelly in Nick’s absence. He had no way of knowing that he would fall in love with her himself, but he fears it would be unfair of him to ask Kelly to risk losing another husband in combat.

Kelly understands the cost of loving a man in uniform, and after three long years of grief and loneliness, she’s ready to love again. Regardless of the inherent risks, Kelly chooses Joe.  Their friendship has grown into something much deeper, but learning to navigate a romantic relationship around their shared memories of Nick and the secrets surrounding his death may prove to be her greatest challenge yet.

Right when they believe they have it figured out, the international arms dealer responsible for Nick’s death pops back onto the radar screen, and he’s much closer than ever before. The stakes are higher now, because this time Joe’s not in the line of fire. Kelly is.

This book was my first introduction to Dee Henderson, and it’s the reason I’ve been hooked on her stories ever since.  She never fails to strike the perfect balance between the tender moments of romance and the nail-biting elements of suspense. But, more than that, in this book she does an exemplary job of depicting our military personnel with the courage, devotion, and sacrifice they bring to their jobs every single day. This novel, and the others in Henderson’s Uncommon Heroes Series, gave me a deeper appreciation for our troops and their families.

For all those who serve, I thank you.

~Vickie Price Taylor