LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite Military Stories

Cold Mountain
Charles FrazierCold_mountain_novel_cover

I’ve always been fascinated by stories set in the Antebellum period. There was quite a bit of angst and drama veiled beneath the sins of slavery and the resulting civil war that took our nation into “brother vs brother” battles.

Frazier’s Cold Mountain wasn’t quite like the other books I’d read over the years; the books detailing the loss of life and limb, freedom and tradition. It separated the reader, in a sense, from the epic war and focused on Inman, a confederate deserter who quickly sorted out that the war was not worth the sacrifice of time and distance from his beloved Ada.

The resolutions are devastating. The ending, unimaginable, but I loved this ode to Homer’s The Odyssey, this triumphant novel that teaches the importance of a journey and how not even war can diminish what drives us forward to life, to love and the hope for tomorrow.

-TS Tate

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