Gone South

In Gone South, a mystical, heartfelt thriller    and character study set in the Louisiana bayous, author Robert McCammon literally creates a sidekick that is about as close as he can be to  the character he accompanies. His name is Clint, and though he and his brother Flint are not the protagonist(s) of the novel—they are bounty hunters chasing after such, the central character, Dan Lambert—they are equally likeable and even more dynamic. Flint is the full-bodied brother, while Clint is his “sidekick,” his Siamese-twin brother, whose head and arm extend from Flint’s body. Clint carries a Derringer, and that is badass. Talk about packing heat. Though he doesn’t have his own heart (I don’t think) and depends on his brother’s organs, Clint is part of the heart of this wonderful Southern Gothic book.

-Brady Allen

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