Will Grayson, Will Grayson
John Green and David Levithan

In Will Grayson, Will Grayson, the lives of two very different teenagers who happen to have the exact same name intersect in a story that is both hilarious and riveting.  Each Will is written by a different author –both superb – making the two viewpoints compelling and utterly genuine.  But one of my favorite characters in the book is Tiny Cooper, the long-time best friend of one of the Wills.  From Chapter 1:  “Tiny Cooper is not the world’s gayest person, and he is not the world’s largest person, but I believe he may be the world’s largest person who is really, really gay, and also the world’s gayest person who is really, really large.”  Will’s acceptance and friendship with Tiny, and Tiny’s acceptance of himself, assumes that we accept him as well – which we do, because that’s just the way it should be.  So although the book is about the two Wills, it is Tiny’s unforgettable presence that is the hinge point to the convolution of the relationships, whereupon hangs the eminently readable and thoroughly engaging tale.

-Sharon Browning

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