18 October, 2021

LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite Fictional Mothers

Mrs. Weasleymolly
Harry Potter
By JK Rowling

Oh, Mrs. Weasley. If ever a character earned a medal for the trial and tribulations set upon her by her children (and her “adopted” children), it would be Molly Weasley. She did, after all, raise Fred and George.

It would be too simple, too much of a misguided assumption to believe that Molly was nothing more than a mother, as if that particular job can be defined and understood in simple, basic terms. While it’s true that the majority of her responsibilities concerned the upbringing of her children, the running of her household and the care and nurturing of both Harry and Hermione, her role in the series and her impact on readers and characters alike, is far grander than the label of “Mum.”

It was Molly Weasley that fattened Harry up when he’d return from the mistreatment of the Dursley’s home. It was Molly who stood up for and to Harry in an effort to protect him when his life was threatened. It was Molly who filled the role of mother when Harry so desperately needed one. (I remind you of Goblet of Fire when Harry returns from the graveyard and he experiences the very first “motherly hug” that he could remember).

A mother, in the simplest terms, stands guard for the children of her blood and heart. A mother guides, disciplines, educates, nurtures and loves those children whether they ask for it or not. And a mother, like Molly Weasley, fights…she fights worthless relatives that mistreat Harry (even if only in “tsks” and head shakes), she fights Death Eaters and bullying politicians when idle threats are dark and menacing, she fights and kills sociopathic Dark Lord henchwomen when they threaten the life of her daughter.  Molly Weasley is many things, “exceptional Mum” being only one title on a very, very long list.

—TS Tate


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