21 October, 2021

LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite Fictional Mothers

Generally, I think, many of us will say that our mothers are the best ever. We’re all biased, of course, and what we learned bedtimestories_1356045cfrom the mothers in our lives impacts us in ways that we won’t fully comprehend until we’re older.

For most of my life, I honestly believed I was nothing like my mother. We are very different people. She was a homemaker, a wife. She baked cookies and pies and even sewed Easter dresses for my sister and I. She is very domestic and is the epitome of a true southern belle.

Me? Not so much.

But as I get older, I’ve discovered the similarities. I’ve discovered that I am reverting back, coming home, as it were, to the same hobbies and inclinations that my mother had when I was a kid. I become more like her every day and that, for me, is a very, very good thing.

Our mothers stand as a testament to where we’ve been and, yes, ultimately, how we’ll end up. And for some, those mothers are best exemplified between the pages of our favorite novels. Mothers are protectors, educators, nurturing paradigms of the complex nature of women. Sure, some can be seen as cautionary tales, some so devoid of motherly characteristics that we learn from their bad examples. But many, if written by capable hands, shine brightly in the fictional stories we love.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, (May 12), this week’s pick is all about our favorite fictional mothers. Do you have a favorite, LitStackers? Tell us about it in the comments.

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