5 December, 2022

Our Favorite Fictional Friends

Laura,lauras luck
Laura’s Luck
I had this book in elementary school and read it countless times. Just looking at the cover brings back fond memories. Laura’s mom insists she go to summer camp. Laura doesn’t want to go. She’d rather stay home and read. But she makes the best of it. At first, she is awkward — everyone is a stranger. But over the course of the summer, Laura makes friends. I identified with Laura because I was quiet and shy as a young person, too. But I loved being outdoors and enjoyed going to summer camp. When reading about Laura’s adventures, I could hear the loons over the lake at midnight. I could taste the toasted marshmallows while sitting around the campfire. I could imagine the itch of poison ivy. And I knew the sweet satisfaction of finally having a friend. I would have been Laura’s friend.
-Angie Dilmore

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