18 October, 2021

LitStaff Pick: Celebrating Females of Fiction

Cat RamboCatByWater1

She isn’t a household name. She isn’t someone who has graced the cover of magazines or walked the red carpet, but Cat Rambo, to me, is a rock star.

I’ve been a fan of her work for many years, based on the paradoxical complexity and simplicity in her stories. Cat’s words evoke pain, regret, joy, sadness, love, mercy. Her distinct, visceral writing subtly courts the reader in preparation for the gut punch of raw emotion. Her strongest talent is in the “says the Spider to the Fly” way she writes. She lures readers in and we think, perhaps, we know where she’s going, what path Cat will set us on and while we’re considering this, thinking we know exactly where we’re headed, she slips the rug from beneath us and makes us grateful for the tumble.

It takes a special kind of writer to evoke an emotional response. It takes yet another kind to write stories that linger well after the tale has been told. Lucky for us, Cat Rambo is both.

-TS Tate

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