LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite Crime Novels

Devil All the Time
Donald Ray Pollock
Absolutely hands down, without a second thought: Donald Ray Pollock’s Devil All the Time. Is it a “true” crime novel, as in a whodunnit, follow-the-cops-read-the-clues-drink-bad-coffee-and-catch-the-bad-guy? Totally not. But if you define a “crime novel” by the merits of chock-full-o-spine-ripping, jaw-slugging, omigod-that’s-terrible chain of events that degenerate with the turn of every page? Yeah. This book’s got it. Crime galore. Bad guys. A good guy who can’t help but be bad. Sinister, evil examples of humanity whose inner demons motivate their every sadistic turn and eventually lead full circle. Above all else, Pollock is a master (see the review here).

-Jennifer Sommersby

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3 thoughts on “LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite Crime Novels

  1. Great picks all around. I love reading James Lee Burke and thought D. B. Grady's Red Planet Noir was wonderful. The Chabon book sounds like something I'd like to add to my have-read list. I recommend Reginald Hill, who died this year. His novels never failed to leave me in awe.

  2. Yes! Kyla Lucas, "Motherless Brooklyn" would be my pick too! Soooo good! It even makes my list of "Books I'd Like to Read Again as if for the First Time."

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