24 September, 2022

LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite Crime Novels

Red Planet Noir
D. B. Grady

I don’t read a lot of crime fiction, but I did read D. B. Grady’s Red Planet Noir and loved it. Mike Sheppard is a down-on-his-luck private investigator in need of a new case. Or two. When he receives a call from Sofia Reed, he gets more than he bargained for. But once he’s in, there’s no turning back. And if there are cigarettes and Scotch on Mars, he’s in. Written in the style of Mickey Spillane, though futuristic and surely more humorous, this story is a laugh-out-loud page-turner. Red Planet Noir won the 2010 Indie Book Award for Science Fiction.

-Angie Dilmore

3 thoughts on “LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite Crime Novels

  1. Great picks all around. I love reading James Lee Burke and thought D. B. Grady's Red Planet Noir was wonderful. The Chabon book sounds like something I'd like to add to my have-read list. I recommend Reginald Hill, who died this year. His novels never failed to leave me in awe.

  2. Yes! Kyla Lucas, "Motherless Brooklyn" would be my pick too! Soooo good! It even makes my list of "Books I'd Like to Read Again as if for the First Time."

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