(Mini) SpotLit – Hoot, a postcard review of mini poetry and prose

One of the great delights of my week was learning about Hoot: a tasty little tidbit of a literary magazine published on – a postcard!

Now, one might not expect too much from  fiction on a postcard, but it only takes a moment of browsing the Hoot website to see (1) that this these are not just any old postcards, they are charming, witty, gorgeous postcards (do you see there, the Escher-esque lizard-leaves on the November issue?); and (2) that the power of the writing belies the publication’s diminutive size and succinct word count.

It also only takes a moment to realize that the only thing that might possibly be more delightful than reading a (print or online) issue of Hoot might be unexpectedly receiving an issue of Hoot as a gift, or surprise. According to the Hoot website, the idea is to offer great writing in a way that is affordable, portable and above all, share-able: you can mail it, leave it in a lunchbox, tuck it someone’s pocket, post it on the bulletin board, hide it in his sock drawer. You can even send a gift copy to a friend – the folks over at Hoot will hand write the personal message you specify on it. What a fabulous and unique holiday gift for a reader or writer.

~Jennifer M. Kaufman

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