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Recently, due to severe storms sweeping my metropolitan neighborhood, I have been forced to exist with no electricity and no internet for over four days. There have been times that I made it to a place with various connections, but mostly it was just me and the weather. So what did I do? I read.

But I was lucky. I had just started the perfect book to read in the summer when the power goes off. It’s called Class A: Baseball in the Middle of Everywhere by Lucas Mann, and it’s about the Clinton, Iowa LumberKings, a Class A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. I won’t go into details (mainly because I’ll be posting a formal review soon), but it has helped me “weather the weather,” as it were.

Why? Because it brings to mind a time when I didn’t have internet, or air conditioning. When there was not a constant pull for attention, and there were minutes and hours and even days where I had to make my own fun, create my own entertainment. I grew up in small towns in Iowa like Clinton (in fact, for a few years I lived near Clinton), and the talk of the heat and the landscape and the history and the people took me back to those days. And somehow, it made the lack of all that I have come to expect in my minute to minute world here in the city a little easier to bear, and replaced my impatience with a nostalgia that made the heat and the humidity and the boredom more than bearable – it made it fondly familiar.

-Sharon Browning

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