“What book are you reading?”reading

It should be an easy question, and I suppose it is, really. The problem is, I generally read 3 or 4 books at a time, if not more. I do tend to pick books from different categories, so that I don’t confuse my storylines, but on any given day I am working my way through something health and fitness related, something financial, sometimes a disaster story, and almost always an epic fantasy and at least one cookbook. I find that I prefer different stories depending on the mood I am in.

When I am motivated, I read health and fitness or diet books. I rarely follow any of their plans or advice, as most of the time I think they verge on ridiculous, but they help to reinforce what I know (or believe) to be healthy habits that I have.

When I am determined, I read personal finance books. Also, sometimes when I spend way too much time browser shopping for designer handbags that I cannot afford and end up depressed and wanting to take control of my finances once and for all.

When I am happy, I read disaster novels. I can’t read them when I’m already upset, because they would make me fear for the state of the world. But when I am happy, it can be fun to squirm just a bit.

When I am calm, or bored, or feel the need for a little adventure, or don’t feel like reading anything in particular, I read fantasy. There is something about the grand scale of some imaginary land, of learning entirely new world systems, that feels cozy and warm to me. Fantasy is the genre of my heart.

And when I am feeling hungry, I read cookbooks. Which probably isn’t the best idea, and I should probably go back to reading those health and fitness books at that point.

My moods change on a daily basis, and my reading selection changes accordingly.

-Elisha Dew

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