LitStaff Pick: Open Thread

(Some of My)Little Bears Visit
Favorite Bedtime Stories
Little Bear Series
Else Holmelund Minarik
Illustrated by Maurice Sendak

So this week was Daylight Savings Time and we had to set our clocks ahead an hour.  For some reason, this time it really threw my family.  We all were sleep deprived for a few days and, perhaps coincidentally and perhaps not, both my kids were hit with nasty colds.

So sleep deprivation made me think of bedtimes.  And bedtimes made me think of when I used to put my kids to bed, after reading to them.  That made me start thinking of favorite bedtime stories, and favorite bedtime stories brought back memories fond of Else Holmelund Minarik’s Little Bear series: Little Bear, Little Bear’s Friend, A Kiss for Little Bear, Father Bear Comes Home and, especially, Little Bear’s Visit.  Little Bear always made us smile.

Simple, sweet, entertaining stories, short enough to hold a little one’s interest but involved enough to capture the imagination, with lovely, loving illustrations by Maurice Sendak, Little Bear shines even three decades after he first appeared.  No need to say anymore – if you know the books, you’ll be smiling, too.  If you don’t – you should.  You really, really should.

-Sharon Browning

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