21 January, 2022

LitStaff Pick: Favorite 'Colorful' Books

Green Eggs and Ham
Dr. Seuss

Me and Dr. Seuss go way back. He was the only doctor that didn’t scare me when I was a kid. When my love for reading first became obvious, his pictures and words helped to strengthen my love. Though I read many other books by Dr. Seuss, and there are a still a couple of books I want to read, Green Eggs and Ham stands out the most. I remember little kid me initially finding the book hilarious. I loved the repetition of Sam-I-am, and nothing seemed more ridiculous than green eggs. Only when I reread it for laughs a couple of years later did I realize the value of Green Eggs and Ham, definitely for kids (kids are notoriously known, or at least I was notoriously known, for being very picky about food). While it’s easy to judge something’s merit by the way it looks, how can you truly judge without actually trying? In a world where appearances are very often deceiving, this is a very important message. Plus, I’m a creative type. Too much refusal and judgement will only harm writing, since experience is so vital for writers.

-Tiffany T. Cole

1 thought on “LitStaff Pick: Favorite 'Colorful' Books

  1. I just added "Gift of the Red Bird", "The Blue Cotton Gown" and "Olive's Ocean" to my reading list. Kudos to the contributors who told us about "colorful" titles that may not be in the mainstream public consciousness. I'd never heard of two of these.

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