21 January, 2022

LitStaff Pick: Favorite 'Colorful' Books

Olive’s Ocean
Kevin Henkes

The death of a classmate provides an opening into a young girl’s self-realizations while going to visit her grandmother at the ocean.

After her passing, Olive’s mother decides to give a journal to Martha, who her daughter Olive called nice. Martha then realizes the things the girls have in common (or could have had), turns to her loving grandmother for guidance, and sorts through her own desires and dreams along the way.

This was a great young adult fiction novel about death, discovering oneself, and the bonds of family and friends. It was touching, real, and the writing was enjoyably atypical. I felt myself drawn in and making my own comparison: Martha and myself instead of Olive.

-Kyla Lucas


1 thought on “LitStaff Pick: Favorite 'Colorful' Books

  1. I just added "Gift of the Red Bird", "The Blue Cotton Gown" and "Olive's Ocean" to my reading list. Kudos to the contributors who told us about "colorful" titles that may not be in the mainstream public consciousness. I'd never heard of two of these.

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