21 January, 2022

LitStaff Pick: Favorite 'Colorful' Books

The Blue Cotton Gown: A Midwife’s Memoir
Patricia Harman

This nonfiction book is full of the author’s experiences as a midwife in West Virginia.  I read this for book club a while back, and at first was not thrilled about it. I don’t like baby things. I don’t like blood and guts. I was concerned because I really don’t like stereotypes.  But in this case, it was a waste of time to worry… (except for that one scene with blood. Ha! Just kidding.)

Patsy tells vivid stories from her memories, helps us understand her perspective in trying to help her patients, shows great emotion when speaking of women and their care, as well as when speaking of the woes having a medical practice.

Being from this specific town she is describing is especially insightful into the local life (though names of places are changed, it is common knowledge here.)  It isn’t that I didn’t know about such hardships– being from Appalachia tends to lead one into fighting for those in poverty and standing up for those who live in a rural culture– but to have this particular aspect put things into a new light.  I am not normally into reproduction topics, nor am I big on nonfiction, and yet I still found this the book unable to stop reading until the end.

Recommended for those interested in nonfiction, passionate about children and/or women’s health, a bit of rural culture, or just looking for a good read about humanity.

-Kyla Lucas

1 thought on “LitStaff Pick: Favorite 'Colorful' Books

  1. I just added "Gift of the Red Bird", "The Blue Cotton Gown" and "Olive's Ocean" to my reading list. Kudos to the contributors who told us about "colorful" titles that may not be in the mainstream public consciousness. I'd never heard of two of these.

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