LitStaff Pick: Favorite Characters from Shakespeare

Iago from OthelloIago-Motivation

I’m not one of those readers who usually likes the bad guy, but Iago from Othello just makes my blood boil – in a good way. He’s just so swarmy, and evil and relishes in it. Think about it…when we meet him at the start of the play he is betraying Othello in the worst way, but at the same time says that he loves his master and will follow him as he follows himself (yes, I just looked up the lines). We know from then he is not to be trusted and then he continues to manipulate everyone, and I mean everyone, with his mind games and ultimately is the only one left alive at the end of the play. He has some of the wittiest lines in the play, causing me to laugh at times. He makes revenge an art form, in the planning and execution of his payback to Othello. He is the character I love to hate.  He’s the original Magnificent Bastard.

-K. Imani Tennyson

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