LitStaff Pick: Fan Letters to Our Favorites

Dear Ysabeau S. Wilce,

I’m sorry to say this, especially since I don’t know your agent, but you really need a better agent.
The thing is, you’re absolutely grand. Your writing sparkles. It’s funny and smart and dark and complex and fresh and turbulent. Reading your words has made me a better writer, or at least it’s made me want to be a better writer. You have inspired me to take the ideas in my head and look at them from new angles, turn them and bend them and squish them until they’re something completely new. You’ve made me rethink the way I thought stories were supposed to be written.
And yet, I can’t seem to find your books in any of the bookstores I frequent. Of course, there is always the mighty internet, and I do have a Kindle these days, so I am not forced to do without, but how will the rest of the world find you? Believe me, I tell as many people as I can about the marvel that is your writing (see here and here for evidence), but I am only one person. Flora’s story should be on the shelf at every bookstore in the country!
I pledge to continue spreading the gospel of Flora, and any and all of your subsequent works, as long as you keep putting them out. Count me among your pre-orders.
Just get an agent who lets me know there’s something to order.
Your biggest fan,
Elisha Dew