American Gods
Neil Gaiman

I read an interview Gaiman gave once discussing someone who had, or wanted to, option American Gods. If I recall correctly, he was excited, but skeptical. I’m sure money was then discussed, likely cast or directors, but ultimately, Gaiman said they looked at him and asked: “Okay, so how do we film it?” To which, he replied “I have no clue.”

That’s the thing with Gaiman, and really, great fiction in general. As readers we are front and center on this wild, magical, impossible ride. We get to experience some truly remarkable things and our imaginations make those things as vivid, as surreal as our minds can manage. The thing is, a film, even a remarkable one, can never really measure up to the limitless possibilities in our imaginations. We paint worlds with our minds that cannot be described or certainly mimicked. Still, if given the choice, I’d love to see Shadow Moon, Mr. Wednesday and the slew of wonderfully fantastic Gods and Goddesses from my all-time favorite book brought to life on the screen. Funny thing, though, seeing if the studio could actually sort out how to film it.

-T.S. Tate

*Rumors abound that HBO will serialize the book in 2013. Reportedly, Gaiman is very involved. If so, I’m hopeful! *

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