The Other Life
Ellen Meister

What if you could return to the road not taken? Author Ellen Meister asks this question on the cover of her book, THE OTHER LIFE. Main character Quinn Braverman’s mother attempts suicide at the very moment of Quinn’s birth. This fantastical twist of fate gives Quinn a unique ability to traverse through portals into parallel lives she might have lived had she made other life choices. Though Quinn has always been keenly aware of the portals, they are a mystery to her and she never actually crosses over until she is pregnant with her second child, a daughter, whom she discovers has a severe birth defect. Quinn starts playing “what if” and gives in to the irresistible desire to escape her current situation through the portal hidden behind an old ironing board in her basement laundry room.

Interestingly, the story’s antagonist is not a character at all, but the concept of the other life. It is Quinn verses the temptation to escape the torture of dealing with life and death decisions. Will she run to her glamorous glitzy life on the arm of a celebrity, the life where her mother is still alive, or will her intense love for Lewis, Isaac, and her unborn daughter keep her connected to them forever?

I reviewed this book last year and think it would make a visually stunning movie, as riveting to watch as it was to read. The act of Quinn traveling through portals to other lives would imbue an eerie dream-like quality.

-Angie Dilmore

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