26 November, 2022

Some authors love to pull whammies on us. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than an evil plot twist, because, well, who doesn’t love a good surprise? They make us think, have us scrambling back through the pages trying to see how we missed the foreshadowing that led us to the endings we didn’t see coming. Then again, there are those endings that, while a huge twist, we really couldn’t stomach and had us partaking in a rousing match of ‘toss the book across the room.’

This week we’re discussing those “OH WOW!” endings that we either loved or hated. Be sure to tell us about your favorite or most despised surprise endings, LitStackers. We really want to hear from you!


Be aware, folks, that there are some major spoilers in the following!

*Reposted from April 2012*

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