22 October, 2021

LitStaff Pick: Authors We Love for More Than Their Writing

Tananarive Duetanaphoto

I greatly admire writers who are also teachers, willing to share their wisdom and knowledge with other writers. One of these writers is my Antioch mentor, Tananarive Due. The feedback and questions she asked about my writing sometimes frustrated me, but it was because of that feedback that my writing became better and I have a novel that I am proud of. She not only pushed me, but my fellow writers because she believes in our talent and only wants to see us succeed. This belief is evident in the way she talks about her undergraduate students at Spelman College and previous MFA students.

Not only does Tananarive teach, encourage, push her students, but she is also a big proponent of promoting science fiction/fantasy/horror writers of color. Tananarive is very active on Twitter and Facebook and will share information about upcoming authors, organizations such as the Octavia Butler Legacy Network, short films by people of color, Kickstarter and Indigogo projects, etc. With 15 published novels, both nonfiction and science fiction, under her belt, Tananarive has amassed quite the fan following. By boosting the signal for the other writers, films and organizations, she helps get the word out, allowing those artists to create followers of their own.

I fully believe that we become better people when we help others and Tananarive Due is a writer who exemplifies this belief.

-K. Imani Tennyson

7 thoughts on “LitStaff Pick: Authors We Love for More Than Their Writing

  1. DFTBA, Kira! John Green and his Nerd Fighters have been such a positive influence in my daughter’s life – he truly is Awesome!

  2. Ah Tee – I’ve only had a break to check this out weeks later – because the site is wonky on my phone and my computer is all work all the time lately. Thank you so much for this. I’ve got happy tears in my eyes at a time when I didn’t think much could make me happy lately.

    You are the best, bint!

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