LitStaff Pick: Authors We Love for More Than Their Writing

Our favorite books are a bit like a good pair of shoes. We have our preferences, those love-booksthat are comfortable, easy to slip into, the ones that manage to relax us, make us feel at home. And sometimes the authors that pen our favorite books do something, say something, stand up for something that makes our appreciation of them as individuals elevate beyond how wonderfully familiar and welcome their works make us feel.

It’s those authors we’d like to discuss in this week’s pick. These are the folks who have surprised us by their altruism, who have made us smile by a passionately uttered phrase, by being the people we’ve believed them to be in our minds. These are the authors we love for more than their writing.

What about you, LitStackers? Tells us about your favorites in the comments below.


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7 thoughts on “LitStaff Pick: Authors We Love for More Than Their Writing

  1. DFTBA, Kira! John Green and his Nerd Fighters have been such a positive influence in my daughter’s life – he truly is Awesome!

  2. Ah Tee – I’ve only had a break to check this out weeks later – because the site is wonky on my phone and my computer is all work all the time lately. Thank you so much for this. I’ve got happy tears in my eyes at a time when I didn’t think much could make me happy lately.

    You are the best, bint!

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