28 September, 2022

LitStaff Pick: Children’s Book Authors Who Speak to Adults, Too

JK RowlingMs Jo

Predicable choice, you’re thinking? No, it’s not. For anyone who has ever read Potter or even taken the lazy route and only seen the films, we know that, as Stephen King mentioned way back when, after the release of Deathly Hallows the series “ceased to be specifically for children halfway through the series; by Goblet of Fire, Rowling was writing for everyone, and knew it.”

If you hear some yahoo telling you that Rowling writes for children, then I suggest giving them a brief run down on why these books are universal:

They teach everyone about tolerance

That pure blood wizardry ridiculousness came right out of the Nazi’s asinine theology of a pure Aryan race. They certainly didn’t end up on the right side of history and neither did the fascist pure bloods in Potter.

They teach everyone about sacrifice

It wasn’t as though Harry decided one day all willy-nilly to give up his life for the Wizarding World. His selflessness was genetic. He came from a lineage of hope, of compassion, of belief that doing what is right, what is honest and true, benefits the whole of mankind, even if that means the sacrifice of your own life in the doing itself.

They teach everyone about love

It’s not a topic, I don’t think, given much weight these days. Everyone is cynical. Everyone seems to embrace the most dramatic, the most horrific and collectively focus on the bad in life. We hear about shootings, rapes, murders, fires, storms, devastation of every facet and we jump on it, huddle it close to our chests as if to say “dear God, I’m glad that isn’t happening to me.” But here’s the deal…not everything is bad. Not every person on the planet is evil or has an agenda. There are still good people in this world, just like those that loved some much, gave so much, in Harry’s universe.

Rowling set out to write a book for children. She wanted to tell a story about conquering your fears, fighting the good fight and proving, without a doubt, that love truly is the strongest magic imaginable. That isn’t a story for kids. That’s an essential truth for us all.

-TS Tate