LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite TV Shows Based on Books We Love

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Pretty much everyone that knows me know that I read fantasy. Years ago, I had a number of acquaintances tell me that I should be reading this series, A Song of Ice and Fire. For some completely unknown reason, I resisted for a long time. Three whole books’ worth of resistance (which in GRRM time is a loooonnnngggg time).

Eventually I gave in when A Feast For Crows was published in 2005. And. It. Was. BRILLIANT. With every page, even the heart-wrenching ones, ASOIAF moved up my list of favorites. I devoured those books, and then I passed them on to my family and friends, forming my own little faction of GRRM devotees.

I am not a big television watcher, but when I learned that HBO was turning my beloved novels into a TV series, I was ecstatic. I remember having conversations with my mother months before the show aired about how they would handle certain events in the books, what they would leave out. Once it premiered, I drove to my parents’ house every Sunday night after putting my young daughter to bed just to watch TV for an hour, as we didn’t get HBO at my house.

As with their other productions, HBO has done a magnificent job of staying true to the story. Of course, there have been changes from the books to the show, but I can understand the reason for the changes and am not bothered by the differences. The scope of the story is so grand that only HBO could pull it off, and pull it off they have. After all, you can’t possibly go wrong with Kit Harrington and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

(If you want some amusing and pretty, pretty links:Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Kit Harrington, otherwise known as “I spend way too much time on buzzfeed” or “Gratuitous Fan-girling”)

Now three seasons have passed, and a total of five books. Yes, I know what happens on the show before it happens. Yes, I know it didn’t all happen that way in the book.

“Game of Thrones” is a fantastic television series, based on an even more fantastic novel series.  I eagerly await both The Winds of Winter, and Season 4.

-Elisha Dew

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