LitStaff Pick: Our Favorite TV Shows Based on Books We Love

There’s a meme online I saw once. It’s a picture of best selling 10-tv-shows-based-on-books2books, mostly SciFi/Fantasy, in a Barnes and Noble with a caption below it: “HBO Programming for the Next Ten Years.”

I’ve long been of the opinion, by proof of the massive amounts of reality TV and the endless remakes and reincarnations of classic films and shows, that the film industry has little in the way of original, creative thought. But sometimes, they get it right. Sometimes they follow what’s popular, what’s beloved in literature and when they do, we book nerds squee with joy.

Not every television version of our favorite books are great. Some are downright stinkers, but sometimes, when producers and studio execs get it right, the entertainment is spectacular.

This week, we’d like to discuss our favorite TV shows that come from our favorite books. From Westeros to big, bad London, these shows reflect that maybe, just maybe the folks in Hollywood might know what they’re doing.

We’d love to hear about your favorites in the comments below!