2 December, 2021

LitStack’s Second Birthday Giveaway Celebration!

Today is our second birthday. happy-birthday-to-us_2

That we have lasted for two whole years is amazing to me.

Two years ago, Adrienne Crezo and I had a wee little dream. We wanted a place where lovers of the written word and writers eager to learn could congregate and discuss books, publishing, writing and all things wordy.

There have been a lot of changes for us all– in the industry, in the way books are delivered to us and in what we read and why.

I often joke with the staff that LitStack is a “one woman show.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. There is no way I could do it solely on my own. There is no way that we could grow or engage our readers without the tireless work of our brilliant staff and, of course, all of you out there who read what we work hard to deliver to you.

We are so immeasurably appreciative for all you have given us, LitStackers. You gave us an audience, a sounding board and a reason to review, to interview, to keep ourselves open and present to all things book related.

Thank you for two wonderful years.

To my staff I say, thank you. You’re amazing. You all mean far more to me than you will ever know. And to Thom Allen, man, thank you for saving our butts on more than one occasion!

In celebration of second year up and running, we are giving away TWO, $50 Amazon gift cards in the hopes that you’ll continue to support the writers and indie presses you love.

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winners!


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