Should Have Known Better by Grace Octavia

When your dreams come crashing down, what’s next? In Essence® bestselling author Grace Octavia’s moving new novel, one woman must begin again when betrayal shatters the life she knew. . .

Dawn Jones’s sorority sisters thought she made a big mistake marrying blue-collar Reginald. But thanks to hard work and belief in each other, Dawn and Reginald left the big city and made their own happiness, complete with a comfortable home and two lively children. Dawn can’t wait to show everyone just how perfect her choices were—especially when her mega-successful best friend, Sasha, shows up to visit. But she never expected Sasha would like Reginald so much she’d steal him for herself. . .or that Reginald would see Sasha as a second chance to pursue hopes he never fulfilled.

With her perfect life now in shambles, Dawn will do whatever it takes to regain what she’s lost. But the road back will mean facing the hardest of truths, even tougher choices—and risking more than she ever imagined to discover what her life could really be.


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  1. Wow soo excited about this awesome new book of Grace Octavia’s…’Should Have Known Better’………sounds so interesting……I have shared on facebook and twitter……

  2. I left a comment and it didn’t show up so well try again…I am soo looking forward to reading Grace Octavia’s new book…’Should Have Known Better’……..I have shared on facebook and twitter too

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