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My favorite cover isn’t exactly a single cover, but a type of cover: gilded. There’s nothing more beautiful than a hardback book, with gold-edged pages and gilding on the front. The two books in the picture, I purchased from an estate sale in Florida a few years ago. Since that first purchase, I’ve been on a mission … to get my hands on as many of these precious rarities as I can before they fade into total obscurity. Because, honestly, it is a bit of a lost art–what with the digital age upon us, etc. Not that I have anything against ebooks. I love my iPad, if for no reason other than its ability to house multiple reading platforms.

I have a long list of novels whose covers have left me drooling. Photoshop has made the world of YA fiction, an artist’s paradise. What’s not to love about all of the beautiful, flowery, ephemeral images? Still … there is just something about that scrollwork and attention to detail. It honors the story, or poetry, in a way that perhaps no other format ever could.

– J.S. Chancellor

5 thoughts on “LitStaff Picks: Our Favorite Book Covers”

  1. Totally cool idea…sometimes I enjoy the covers far more than the book! Bridge of San Louis Rey always a favorite content-wise. Thanks, Sam, for bringing it back to me with this "cover story!" Well done!

  2. A favorite of mine has always been The Monsters of Templeton cover. I don't know why but it just makes me sit down and study it every time I come across the book.

  3. At one time I read every novel Thornton Wilder ever wrote and loved them all. The Bridge of San Luis Rey struck me as the most compassionate novel I ever read.

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