18 September, 2021

LitStack Pick: The Lines We Wish We’d Written

Kurt Vonnegut


There’s something about Slaughterhouse-Five and Kurt Vonnegut’s sentences that really stick with me. ‘So it goes’ is, by far, the only line from a book to leave such a lasting impression on my mind. Whenever anything bad happens, whenever I’m exhausted and feeling particularly like I’ve reached a dead end, ‘so it goes’ echoes through my mind. For such a small phrase, there was so much emotion packed into it in the books.

The line is powerful because it both acknowledges a series of strong emotions and dismisses it at the same time. It’s a wonderful juxtaposition – the type of juxtaposition that simply says:

Bad things happen. Sure, it absolutely sucks that such terrible things can happen, but you have to deal with whatever comes your way because life will eventually force you to.”

-Tiffany T. Cole

2 thoughts on “LitStack Pick: The Lines We Wish We’d Written

  1. This is, so far, one of my favorite LitStack Picks of all time. I’m definitely favoriting it so I can turn back to these lines and recommendations when trying to figure out which book I need to read next.

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