8 December, 2021

LitStaff Pick: Film Adaptations We Love and Those We Hate

Best movie Adaptation – Life of Pilifeofpi

The Life of Pi was essentially two books. The first part dealt with how the main character Piscine came to understand God, religion, and his own polytheistic theology. It explained how his father came to own a zoo and why Pi developed a deep respect for the animals in the zoo. In the second half, the family decides to move to America and boards a ship. After the ship tragically sinks in a storm, Pi alone survives, along with several animals, including the tiger. Both the book and the movie portray an amazing story of survival. The movie adaptation stayed true enough to the original story and lent itself well to exciting big screen computer-generated graphics.

Worst movie adaptation – Eragon

The book Eragon had a very complex plot, involving fantastical creatures and a dragon. In order to adapt the story to the screen, too many scenes had to be taken out, which altered the story and rendered the movie confusing and fractured. They also added new scenes to make the movie more visually interesting. This disappointed the readers who loved the story as it had been written.

-Angie Dilmore

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