LitStaff Pick: Film Adaptations We Love and Those We Hate

Best Film Adaptation–The Princess Bridethe-princess-bride

Rob Reiner managed to get the perfect cast, craft the perfect screenplay, and capture the humor, cheekiness, and sentimentality of William Goldman’s fantasy novel.  It’s not a direct adaptation, but it captures the spirit of the book so beautifully and has become a  classic film as a result.

Worst Film Adaptation–The Time Traveler’s Wife

Managing to miscast both of his leads, Robert Schwentke destroys the subtleties of Audrey Niffenegger’s romantic, often dark novel.  The stakes are never there and the heart of the plot is gutted.  It’s truly one of those movie experiences that makes you want to re-read the novel immediately to erase all memory of the film attempt.

-Kira Apple