LitStaff Pick: Film Adaptations We Love and Those We Hate

JK Rowling once said that fans of her Harry Potter series bookfilmshouldn’t look to the films for canon details. They were (and I’m paraphrasing here) “different interpretations of the books.” Sure, we should take that into consideration when setting out to watch a film based on our favorite books, but what should be considered of these adaptations is whether or not the heart of the story remains. That doesn’t always happen and when the heart is absent from the film, because that is, essentially, what we hope is captured on the screen, we can’t help but feel a great well of disappointment.

Of course, sometimes film makers get it right. Sometimes they come pretty close to perfect and as book lovers, we like to think it’s because they understand the importance of that heart filling the screen.

This week, our staff picks concern the best and worst film adaptations of our favorite books. Be sure to tell us your choices in the comments. We want to hear from you!