4 December, 2021

LitStack Pick: Books That Really Piss Us Off

For The Winhttps://i1.wp.com/www.redemmas.org/eventimages/ftw_us_big.jpg?resize=293%2C449
Cory Doctorow

When I first started playing MMORPGs (Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Games), gold farmers would really make me angry.  (Gold farmers play games solely to amass in-game currency or acquire rare items that other players purchase in exchange for real-world money.)  They messed with ingame economies, made it difficult to acquire the best items, and  allowed for rampant cheating.  Later, when I learned that gold farmers were usually impoverished kids in third world countries, playing for next to nothing in squalid conditions – a gaming sweatshop – I got angry at how they were treated, by their corporate bosses and by other gamers.

And I got angry when I read For the Win, Cory’s Doctorow’s fascinating and involving novel about gold farmers and gaming (which is part of what he was going for, I think).   Angry, because of what the characters have to go through just to survive.  Angry, because life just shouldn’t be this hard, especially for kids.  And angry because while Doctorow’s story of a disparate group of kids attempting to band together and escape exploitation is a work of fiction, you know that the Matthew’s and Mala’s and Nor’s and Lu’s are out there.  And they deserve better.

-Sharon Browning

3 thoughts on “LitStack Pick: Books That Really Piss Us Off

  1. I'm so glad A Storm of Swords is in there. I threw it and screamed during that scene. I'm pretty sure I invented new swear words.

    The one not mentioned that I'd propose is Last Argument of Kings. It's the third in the First Law trilogy and by the end of it I was very angry, so angry that I couldn't even talk about it for two days.

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